Sweet porridge

Sweet porridge - A magic pot covers a whole town with sweet porridge

A poor girl lived alone with her mother and both of them had nothing to eat. So the girl went out into the forest to beg for food. She met an old woman there who gave her a magic pot. If you gave the magic pot the order "Cook, little pot", it would cook as much sweet porridge as you wanted. If you told it "Stop, little pot" it would stop cooking. From now on things went well for the girl and her mother. They never had to go to bed hungry any more and could eat as much sweet porridge as they wanted.

One day the girl was away and the mother felt hungry. She ordered the little pot to cook sweet porridge and ate her fill. When she wanted to stop the pot from cooking, she had forgotten what you had to say. So the pot kept cooking on and on. The porridge climbed over the edge of the pot. Then it filled the whole house and the whole street – and then another street and soon the whole town. It was as if it wanted to satisfy the hunger of the whole world.

When there was only one house left in the town, the girl returned and quickly shouted "Stop, little pot!" The pot stopped cooking immediately. Then everyone who wanted to return to the town had to eat their way through the sweet porridge.

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