Cinderella - Coo, coo, coo, coo. Look there's blood in that shoe

The daughter of a rich merchant grew up happily until her mother died. Six months later her father married a widow who brought two daughters into the house with her. The stepmother and the stepsisters made life difficult for the girl. She had to wear a grey apron, clean everything and sleep next to the hearth. As she was always covered in dust everyone soon only called her Cinderella. When things got sad, Cinderella ran to her mother's grave and cried. Two doves and other birds comforted her and became her friends.

One day the king held a three-day ball because he wanted to find a wife for his son. He invited all the beautiful girls to his castle. The stepmother and the two vain sisters did not want to bring Cinderella with them. So the stepmother tipped a pot of lentils onto the ashes and said "only when you have sorted out the lentils from the ashes can you come to the castle". The girl called the doves and the other birds to her and they helped with the sorting. "The good ones in the pot, the bad ones in your crop."

Cinderella ran to her mother's grave and called out "Come little tree, shake yourself and rattle yourself – throw gold and silver over me." And the dove threw her a beautiful dress and embroidered slippers. When Cinderella arrived at the castle, the Prince only wanted to dance with her. He fell in love with the beautiful Cinderella and wanted to marry her. Cinderella was able to slip away from him twice. But, on the third day, one of the golden slippers got caught on the castle steps that the Prince had had covered in tar.

The Prince travelled all through the land with the slipper to find the girl. All the beautiful women tried it on, including the stepsisters. Because their feet were too big they cut off their toes and ankles. But the doves gave them away, calling "coo, coo, coo, coo. Look there's blood in that shoe".

Only when the poor little Cinderella tried the slipper on did it fit perfectly. At last the King's son had found his treasure again and they went and got married.

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