Upper East Garden

Duke Friedrich II spent every summer in Ludwigsburg from 1797 until his death. The Upper East Garden was changed radically during this time, with the large opera house, which had been built by Carl Eugen, being demolished. Instead, a diverse garden took its place: the western area, which is planted in the style of a grove, created a transition to the Mediaeval-themed Lower East Garden, while the eastern area had an ancient-world theme with a Mediterranean landscape and a playground.

The focal point of the Upper East Garden, Schüsselesee lake was surrounded by playground entertainments for royal society, such as a merry-go-round, high swings, a miniature big wheel, small swing-boats and skittles. Some of the historical items have been reconstructed in keeping with their original design.

The scene was rounded off with the ruins of an "ancient" aqueduct, which masks the former playhouse and gardener's cottage of the dukes and kings, a Mediterranean vineyard with a vineyard house, a kangaroo house with an enclosure and arcade-style trellises.

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