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Pumpkin exhibition 28.08. - 06.12.2020

The world's largest pumpkin exhibition at Blühendes Barock (Baroque in Bloom) has been delighting visitors for over 15 years with varying themes. Marvel at artistically designed pumpkin sculptures and enjoy the atmosphere created by over 450,000 pumpkins. The exhibition presents over 600 varieties: aromatic edible pumpkins, colourful ornamental pumpkins, glowing carved pumpkins and bottle gourds.

See for yourself just how delicious pumpkin can be! Try pumpkin soup, pan-fried pumpkin or pasta pockets, hash browns, tartes flambées, burgers, spaghetti or strudel made from pumpkin, freshly roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pie. And you can wash it all down with some pumpkin secco or spritzer. Try our freshly baked pumpkin-seed bread from the pumpkin bakery. As well as home-made jams, pesto, pumpkin-seed oil and pasta, the pumpkin shop also offers autumn décor items, books and packets of seeds.