Order of Blooming Baroque

Dear visitors,

a harmonious coexistence of the visitors as a binding parking order for all visitors summarized.

This Order is recognized upon entering the site.

We ask you to comply with the requests of the supervisory staff. Violations of the parking regulations can be punished with the reference from the area and the entry of the entrance ticket.

Access to the park is only permitted with a valid ticket, which must be kept and presented to the inspection staff on request.

A brief leave of the park is only possible after individual agreement with the inlet staff.

The exchange of cards or money substitute is excluded. Replacement for lost tickets can not be provided.

Access to designated operating areas or closed events is not possible. We ask you to observe the corresponding instructions. Please leave the premises by 23.00 at the latest, unless special events are scheduled.

Dogs should be kept on a short leash in the park and kept away from lawns, plants and playgrounds. The leaders of dogs or other pets are required to remove the feces of their animals immediately.

Please supervise your children constantly, especially in the water-related areas. The use of playgrounds, games and sports equipment is at your own risk. Please take care of other visitors and behave in such a way that no other visitor is harassed or endangered. For waste, use the appropriate wastebaskets.

Damage to plants and parts of plants is prohibited. On mown lawns, sitting, lying and playing is allowed. Ball games of all kinds are prohibited throughout the park.

Barriers and barriers must not be exceeded, they serve the protection of humans and animals and help to avoid accidents. In the interest of the animals we ask you not to feed them.

The individual playing of music is prohibited. Igniting and operating fireplaces is prohibited. Driving on the park grounds with bicycles, inline skaters, Segways skateboards and scooters is prohibited. Bicycles (including pedelecs) are not permitted in the area, not even pushed, with the exception of service bicycles of the BlüBa staff. Bicycles should be deposited at the bike racks.

Any trade without the express permission of the management is prohibited.

The liability of Blühendes Barock Gartenschau GmbH and the persons commissioned by it is limited to intent and gross negligence.

Services on the park are mostly provided by independent companies. If there are any problems, please contact these companies first.

In the grounds of the Blooming Baroque, the police regulations of the city of Ludwigsburg apply to the protection of public order and against environmentally harmful behavior in the currently valid version.

Due to necessary maintenance work, repairs, for weather reasons and in cases of force majeure, individual facilities may not be available or may not be available during the entire opening hours. This may occur without prior notice. In these cases, no admission fee will be refunded.


Dogs – Blooming Baroque

Bringing dogs into the Blooming Baroque is allowed. However, the dogs must be kept on a short leash during the visit. Dogs should be kept away from lawn, planting and playing areas. The leaders of dogs or other pets are required to remove the feces of their animals immediately. However, they can not be taken along in the free-flight volière.

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