Palace garden lake

The palace garden lake was and remains the centrepiece of the South Garden. As early as 1712, Duke Eberhard Ludwig commissioned the creation of a large pool. From the large, round lake, a canal flowed towards the centre of the palace with a waterfall at the end. During the following eras, the lake was redesigned several times. When Duke Carl Eugen came to power, it was given a five-metre-high central fountain to mark the occasion.

After the duke turned his back on the town and palace in the second half of the 18th century, the lake was partially demolished and filled in. It was not until 1799 that the garden and lake were restored by Duke Friedrich II, based on his own designs, who built a new canal flowing towards the palace. But the splendour was short-lived: King Wilhelm (1781–1864) had the garden cleared, the canal filled in and fruit trees planted.

The lake and its surroundings were given their current design by Albert Schöchle when the South Garden was refashioned in 1954.

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