Mathilde's Garden

The eastern private and pleasure garden was laid out under Eberhard Ludwig and has the same structure as Friedrich's Garden: four raised terraces afforded views over the central pool, small pavilions, a birdhouse, a grotto decorated with mother-of-pearl and snail shells, as well as box-edged borders, hedges and pot plants. Soon afterwards, the terraces were linked by a raised circular route, which had a more elegant appearance.

In 1798, Friedrich II had the garden transformed into a slope using "101 boxes full of earth" and added benches and paths without steps for Charlotte Mathilde, who needed a wheelchair in her old age. From then on, the garden was named after her. In the north and south corners, little garden houses were added: one as an aviary, the other decorated with tapestries and borders. After Friedrich's death in 1816, the palace became the residence of the widow and old queen Mathilde, who had an affinity for Ludwigsburg and loved the garden, right up to her death in 1828.

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