Historical playground

Visitors can play like royalty at the reconstructed historical playground. Unlike today, the royal play area was used by all age groups. At the time, play was seen as a leisure activity as well as an integral part of courtly interaction. The constraints of court etiquette were compensated for by playing together.

The original version of the royal playground was completed in 1802. Duke Friedrich II of Württemberg commissioned court architect Thouret with the planning of the play area. The playground equipment is a blend of the contrasting styles of neoclassicism and romanticism. The royal play area was part of the grand design of the Upper East Garden.

The precious playground equipment has not survived, although there is evidence of its existence up until 1863. It was gradually disassembled. Because it was so well documented, the royal play area was able to be partially reconstructed, taking into account today's requirements, between 1997 and 1999.

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