Friedrich's Garden

The private garden for dukes and kings was laid out in 1733. It was named after Duke Friedrich II, although it had already been planned by Duke Eberhard Ludwig in 1730. Steps led into all four corners from a round pool, which was surrounded by pavilions. Duke Carl Eugen redesigned the garden in 1747–48 to suit his tastes: additions included a marble fountain and probably a grotto made of stucco and mother-of-pearl, as well as sculptures. The arcades, the monkey house and the bird house created by Duke Eberhard Ludwig were retained. Duke Friedrich II had the garden divided into two contrasting areas in a neoclassical style. In the southern area, paths meander past flowers and shrubberies to a pond in which the "Drunken Satyr" is reflected. A seat beneath a Chinese parasol makes a perfect spot for a rest. The northern area offers a stark contrast, with its terrace, raised path, broad steps, leafy walkways and geometrical lawns. The little Turkish stone house, mirror house, bird house and statues of mythological figures give the garden a playful, light atmosphere, enhanced by climbing roses, stone flower pots and richly flowering shrubs.

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