Another success for Albert Schöchle

16 May 1959 was the big day – the Fairy-Tale Garden opened at Blühendes Barock (Baroque in Bloom). Despite criticism from many sides – severe criticism and opposition – the majority of the population were full of enthusiasm and their response once again proved Albert Schöchle right. The Fairy-Tale Garden was a true success right from the start and Schöchle's idea of gaining adults as visitors to Baroque in Bloom through their children had been achieved.

But even Schöchle had not expected such a response: the proceeds increased by over 50 percent and in 1960 were even 100 percent higher than the previous year.

Schöchle had done it again: the Fairy-Tale Garden was the financial saviour of Baroque in Bloom.
Over the years and decades since 1959, the Fairy-Tale Garden has regularly gained new attractions. Following the huge success in 1959, Schöchle himself gradually expanded the Fairy-Tale Garden, always focusing on the value of the garden for children.
"When children smile and their eyes light up with joy, it is worth more to me than the approval of a hundred bearded old men," the inventor of the Fairy-Tale Garden, Albert Schöchle, once said. And when you see the children in the Fairy-Tale Garden, you will know what he meant.

You can still admire all of the fairy-tale scenes which Albert Schöchle created in "his" Fairy-Tale Garden in 1959 today, (almost) unchanged. Over 60 years later, that fact speaks for itself. 

A film from the early days of the fairytale garden

See here a detailed film (approx. 24 minutes) or in the right columns a short film.

The Fairytale Garden Poster 1959

As a small tribute to Albert Schöchle, the flags of Baroque in Blooms are designed today with this motif - he would certainly be very proud of it.

A short movie about the fairytale garden (german)

Wanted pictures from the fairytale garden

Do you still have pictures from that time? from the beginnings of the fairy-tale garden - perhaps with fairy-tale scenes that no longer exist today - or with the classics from the fairytale garden? Or do you have nice stories about your visit to the Märchenegarten? Send us your pictures or stories and with a little luck you can admire your pictures soon on Among all senders we are giving away coupons for season tickets.

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