Fairy-Tale Garden

Be enchanted by mysterious creatures in a magical realm. Where does the Frog Prince live? What does Sleeping Beauty look like? What tricks do Max and Moritz play? How tall is Rübezahl (Number Nip)?

Handsome princes and enchanting princesses, cheeky imps and mysterious mythical creatures dwell in the Fairy-Tale Garden. They wait for big and small children to lead into their fantastical magical world. Why not climb onto the throne of the Water Lily King? Or take a boat ride on the fairy-tale stream? Endless little adventures await you.

Call out: "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!" No sooner said than done. There it comes! But as soon as Rapunzel realises that there isn't a prince waiting below, the plait will stop half-way down. The mirror on the wall isn't as exacting. Even without a wicked stepmother in front of it, it will still give the famous answer: "You are the fairest of them all."

"When children smile and their eyes light up with joy, it is worth more to me than the approval of a hundred bearded old men," the inventor of the Fairy-Tale Garden, Albert Schöchle, once said. And when you see the children in the Fairy-Tale Garden, you will know what he meant.

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