Success for Albert Schöchle

23 April 1954 was the big day – Blühendes Barock (Baroque in Bloom) opened its gates


Extract from the 1954 brochure:

"Blühendes Barock" is the name of the colourful birthday bouquet which Swabia's gardeners presented to the 250-year-old town and palace of Ludwigsburg to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of their association. The name is deliberately unusual – as unusual as the festive décor surrounding the delightful old baroque palace in the form of an equally unusual horticultural show. Let us immerse ourselves in the spirit of the palace and town architects by strolling through the unique 1.5-km long, 200-year-old avenue, which has been pruned into a 26-metre-high hedge. Emerging from the avenue, astonished visitors will suddenly find the curtains pulled back to reveal the view from their green chamber that Duke Eberhard Ludwig's contemporaries enjoyed of Germany's greatest baroque palace. Enormous flower borders and broderies revive the luxuriant and colourful splendour of the court life of the absolutist dukes from centuries past.

At the foot of Emichsburg castle, which perches on a steep rock, lies an enormous grove of rhododendrons. Five hundred thousand tulips and millions of spring and summer flowers will delight the eyes of the visitors. Modern children's play areas present the latest in fun playground features for the little ones, who will also be delighted by the merry animal village. In the valley of the cranes and the dahlia garden, the fabulous flamingos, crowned cranes and magnificent aviary birds from far-off lands form the climax to the park and garden experience. Homage is paid to romanticism and to the present. For garden lovers, the huge assortment of roses, carnations, summer flowers, dahlias and shrubs in the flowerbeds are a proud testimony to German gardening's latest cultivation results.

The floral displays in the magnificent historical palace rooms are a particular highlight. Festival visitors coming from near and far to see the town of palaces and gardens will be entertained by dancing and games, fireworks and processions throughout the summer.


The rich programme of the exhibition and the festival city of Ludwigsburg, such as the German Mozart Festival from 8 to 11 July, is suitable to make a visit to Ludwigsburg and its garden show a real experience. The colourful flower show of this jubilee garden show, the only one of its kind in Germany in 1954, begins on 23 April 1954 with the spring flowers and ends with the autumn flowers and ends with the autumn flowers on 11 October. The physical well-being of the guests at this exhibition of over 300,000 square metres is catered for by well-run public houses, which offer the visitor ample space and fine food.
The exhibition is open daily from 9 am to 10 pm. Admission fee adults: DM 1,-- ; clubs and societies: DM ,--80 ; children --,50


Poster motif 1954

Facts and Figures 1954

Size of premises 30 ha = 300.000 m²
Length of all paths ca. 12.000 - 15.000 Meter
Earthmoving Well over 100,000 m³ of earth was moved before the garden show opened
Tulips 500.000 pieces
Rhododendrons 1,000 pieces, with a circumference of up to 12 meters
Roses approx. 100,000 flowers
Lawn area 125.000 m²
Grass seed required for this 6.000 kg
Marquee Space for 2,500 people in the tent and 2,000 people in front of it
Admission day ticket adults DM 1,00
Admission adult season ticket DM 9,00 (VVK DM 7,00)
Total number of visitors over 2 million visitors
Visitors of the special flower shows in the palace 500.000 visitors
Excursion train 67 excursion train from all over Germany
Omnibuses 10,000 omnibuses were counted by the police department
Cars The police headquarters counted around 85,000 cars with visitors to the Blooming Baroque in the parking lots.
Weather 80% of Sundays and public holidays (important days for every garden show) were rainy!
Visitors The millionth visitor got a television, the one and a half millionth a fridge and the two millionth visitor a Volkswagen!
The 1 millionth visitor 1954 (film without sound)
The 1 millionth visitor 1954
The 1 millionth visitor in 1954 received a television that was state-of-the-art at the time ...
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