The chronicle of the fairytale garden

1959 Hansel und Gretel
Old Mother Frost
The Gold Donkey
The Cudgel in the Sack
The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids
The talking parrot
Only small people are lucky here
Musical toadstools
1960 Gnome for Cinderella
The Frog Prince
Paper Dargon
The Sleeping Beauty
The red shoes *
1961 The magic shotgun *
1964 Snow White
The Wishing Table
Puppet Theater
1966 Sweet porridge
Brother and Sister
1967 The Twelve Dancing Princesses
1969 Fairy-tale stream with mill
Clever Elsie
1970 The Brave Little Tailor
1972 The Duke's Swing
1973 Gas grill places
1974 Barrel village *
1979 The Water Lily King
1980 Open sesame
The Fairytale Teller
1982 Wooden playhouse to assemble *
1983 The Town Musicians of Bremen *
1984 Little Red Riding Hood *
1986 The Town Musicians of Bremen (new)*
1987 Goliath the Giant *
1988 Holography tunnel * with
Aladdin's magic lamp*
The flying carpet *
The spirit in the bottle *
1989 Snow-White and Rose-Red
1990 Solar houses *
1992 Activity House with silhouette films by Lotte Reiniger
1993 Silhouette art by Elisabeth Emmler
1994 Geese enclosure
Witch House of Hansel and Gretel (new)
Little Red Riding Hood (new)
1995 Paper Theater Museum*
1997 The Star Thalers
Max and Moritz:
Widow Bolte
Buck the Tailor
Uncle Fritz
1998 Max and Moritz:
Lampel the Teacher
1999 Rumpelstiltskin
Die red shoes (new)
2001 Fairytale train
2002 Goliath the Giant (new)
2003 Pinocchio tunnel
2004 1001 Nights:
Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves
Aladdin and the Magic Lamp
Sindbad the Sailor
2005 The Town Musicians of Bremen (new)
2006 Entrance area fairytale garden new
Snow White (new)
2007 Entry area fairytale stream new
2009 Talking parrot new
Extension fairytale garden:
Exhibition 50 years fairytale garden
2010 Max and Moritz:
Farmer Mecke
2013 Sleeping Beauty (new)
Fairytale animation in the railway tunnel
2014 Max and Moritz: Master Baker
2016 The Hen that Laid Golden Eggs
  * no longer available today

Pictures from the history of the fairytale garden

Das Hexenhaus im Märchengarten
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