The Gold Donkey

The Gold Donkey - Bricklebrit!

The second son was apprenticed to a miller. When the apprenticeship was over, the grateful miller gave him an ass as a present. "It doesn't pull any cart or carry any sacks", he said. "But if you put him on a cloth and call out 'Bricklebrit', then the ass will spit out pieces of gold." The journeyman took his leave and set off into the world. Whenever he needed any money, he called out 'Bricklebrit' to his donkey and it rained pieces of gold. After a while he decided to return home. "Father will forgive me if I come back with the gold ass", he thought. On his way home he passed the same inn as his elder brother had. He led his donkey to the stable there and tied him up. Then he felt in his pocket and took two pieces of gold out, then asked the innkeeper to buy something good for him and prepare it. After the meal, the miller wanted to pay, but he did not have any more money in his pocket. "Wait a moment", he said to the innkeeper. "I just have to go outside and get some money." The innkeeper crept behind his guest and looked into the stable through a knot-hole. When he saw what the ass could do, he swapped him for another donkey in the night, unnoticed.

In the morning, the middle son untied the donkey and returned home. The father was happy because his son was now a miller – and he asked him "What have you brought with you from your travels?" "A gold ass", said the son, and he told him what the ass could do. The father invited all the relatives to come by and he wanted to make them into rich people. As soon as the guests were there, the miller put a cloth under his donkey and said "Bricklebrit". When the ass did not spit out any pieces of gold, the miller noticed that he had been betrayed. All the relatives had to return home as poor as they were when they came.

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