Discover Baroque in Bloom

When, on the morning of April 23, 1954, after heavy rain weeks, just in time for the garden show, the sun was shining from the sky, Albert Schöchle was visibly relieved. The director of state-owned facilities and gardens succeeded in awakening the Ludwigsburg Palace Gardens from their slumber. The Residenzschloss Ludwigsburg was 250 years old at that time, the Gardening Association celebrated its 50th anniversary - for Albert Schöchle this was reason enough to initiate an anniversary garden show and to give it the name "Blooming Baroque".

A wise decision, as it turns out. The Blooming Baroque, originally planned for only six months, became a permanent fixture: - the most beautiful and oldest garden show in Germany can now look back on a 60-year history.

The partnership between the state of Baden-Württemberg and the city of Ludwigsburg as a shareholder of the Blooming Baroque Garden Show Ludwigsburg GmbH has been permanently sealed and continues to guarantee the existence of the garden show Blooming Baroque.

With its extensive parks and colorful blooms, the Blooming Baroque attracts more than 500,000 visitors and young visitors from all over the world every year. [Nbsp] The more than 30 hectares of gardens surrounding one of Germany's most magnificent Baroque palaces form the worthy setting, where traditional, but also contemporary and modern garden art combine to form a fascinating garden show.

The Flowering Baroque offers new facets throughout the season. Enjoy the serenity of Mediterranean landscapes. Discover the exoticism of Far Eastern garden art. Admire the numerous theme gardens.

A very special magic lies in the middle of the park above the legendary fairytale garden, which invites young and old to an adventure trip. This is ensured by the elves, kings and princesses, the witches and giants who are at home there! Numerous special events complete the program.

Blooming Baroque Ludwigsburg - the worthwhile destination for an incomparable day.

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