South side of the palace

In 1725, Duke Eberhard Ludwig engaged the master builder Retti and Italian architect Frisoni to build a new corps de logis. The old corps de logis was no longer suitable as a residence, owing to its limited space and narrow stairways. The existing U-shaped complex was completed with the new corps de logis. Today's appearance is a fusion of various stages of the planning. The courtyard side features the bel étage or piano nobile, constructed on top of a level of arcades. Above the piano nobile is another storey, which has a completely different character on the side facing the gardens.

The frontage of the whole complex has the character of a serene garden palace, with a length of over 150 metres, modest height, flowing forms with the gently rounded corps avancé and slight corner projections. It is in perfect harmony with the sweeping gardens.

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