Shrub roses

Ever since the gardens were laid out in 1704, the rose, as the queen of all flowers, has been closely associated with Ludwigsburg's palace gardens. It accompanies visitors throughout the grounds. Just inside the main entrance, a huge variety of wild, park and ornamental shrub roses can be seen on each side of the large central axis.

Shrub roses are varieties of roses which are particularly large and have strong shoots. They can reach a height of around 1.2 to 2 metres or more. They make excellent single features in flowerbeds, borders, tree and shrub gardens or on lawns. Modern shrub roses are mostly repeat-flowering. However, there are also varieties which only flower once each summer, but which are adorned with bright red rose hips in early autumn.

Shrub roses can have a rigidly upright form, while varieties with softer shoots can also be curved and overhanging.

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