Mediterranean vineyard

The mellow Mediterranean landscape is a particularly attractive feature of the Upper East Garden with its ancient ruins, arcades and vineyard. The vineyard was laid out between 1799 and 1801, with almost two thousand grapevine cuttings being planted in May 1801. To emphasize its southern character, Mediterranean columnar plants were added.

In 1991, work started on reinstating the vineyard, which had gradually disappeared over time. Today it can be seen almost in its original form, even down to the old varieties of grapes: Affenthaler Blauer, Frankenthaler Weisser, Blauer Silvaner, Weisser Trollinger and other varieties, which were once cultivated in Württemberg.

Wandering among fig, olive and lemon trees, cypresses and rockery shrubs, such as alyssum and aubrieta, and Mediterranean herbs, such as lavender, rosemary and sage, visitors are transported to southern climes, as they were during the era of the duchy.

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