Max and Moritz - Uncle Fritz

Max and Moritz Play a Trick on Uncle Fritz - How did so many May bugs get into Uncle's bed?

Two rascals called Max and Moritz lived in a village. They loved playing tricks on the people who lived in the village. Here you can see all the things they got up to.

Just like other children, Max and Moritz had an uncle. His name was Fritz and he had no idea what the two rascals were planning for him. One day in May a great many May bugs flew through the air and settled in the trees. Max and Moritz stood under a tree and shook it with all their might. It rustled a great deal and dozens of May bugs fell to the ground. Max and Moritz gathered them up in a paper bag and took this into Uncle Fritz's house. They tipped out the contents of the bag there – under the blanket of his bed.

That evening, when Uncle Fritz became tired, he put on his pointed nightcap and laid himself in bed. Hardly had he closed his eyes when the May bugs crawled out of the mattress. One of the bugs was even running all over Uncle Fritz's nose. He woke up and shouted "What's happening here?" He touched his nose and discovered the May bug there. Uncle Fritz shot out of bed like lightning, but it was already too late. The bugs crawled in his neck, on his legs and flew around him, buzzing loudly. Thinking quickly, Uncle Fritz pulled the window open and shooed the insects out. At last he had peace again and could go back to sleep.

Who will be Max and Moritz's next victim? You will see that in the Master Baker episode.

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