Max and Moritz - Master Baker

Max and Moritz Play a Trick on Master Baker- Black as ravens, white as chalk, crusty as bread

Two rascals called Max and Moritz lived in a village. They loved playing tricks on the people who lived in the village. Here you can see all the things they got up to.

Bakers bake many delicious cakes and biscuits before Easter. Max and Moritz fancied them too. No sooner had Master Baker closed the bakery when the two of them climbed onto the roof and slid into the house through the chimney. When they got down they were as black as ravens from all the soot in the chimney. Then they fell into the flour box and, only a few seconds later, they were as white as chalk. Neither of them noticed, however, because they had discovered some delicious smelling pretzels on a shelf. To get to the pretzels Max and Moritz climbed onto a stool. But ... crack! ... the stool broke in two beneath them. The two rascals landed ... slosh! ... in the vat of dough mix and were covered from top to bottom with the mixture.

At that moment Master Baker returned and saw the two of them. He quickly laid them on his baking table and formed them into two loaves of bread. The oven was still glowing so he pushed the two of them in through the oven door. When the dough became really crusty and brown he took them out and set them aside to cool.

Max and Moritz began to eat the bread dough around them from the inside. Soon they had had enough to eat to be able to slip out of the bread crust. They ran away before Master Baker could catch them.

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