Max and Moritz - Farmer Mecke

Max and Moritz Play a Trick on Farmer Mecke - Why do the grain sacks suddenly have holes in them?

Two rascals called Max and Moritz lived in a village. They loved playing tricks on the people who lived in the village. Here you can see all the things they got up to.

One day Max and Moritz crept into Farmer Mecke's barn and cut holes in his sacks of grain. When the farmer put one of the sacks on his shoulder to carry it away, some grains fell out of the hole and onto the ground. Farmer Mecke was surprised that his grain sack was leaking and examined the damage. Someone had cut a hole in it! He looked around in his barn and found Max and Moritz, who had hidden themselves in a pile of grain. Now he knew what had happened: the two of them have played a trick on me!

He grabbed the two rascals with his strong hands and put them in a sack. He tied it shut at the top, threw it over his shoulder and carried it to the mill. He asked the Master Miller to grind up its contents straight away. The miller tipped the sack out into the funnel of his mill. The mill went "crickety-crack, crickety-crack" a few times – and Max and Moritz came out of it as fine pellets. Quacking loudly, the Miller's ducks fell onto the pellets and ate them all up. The ducks became so fat that they could hardly waddle any more.

Everyone in the village was relived and shouted "Thank God! At last this mischief is over!"

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