Max and Moritz - Buck the Tailor

Max and Moritz Play a Trick on Buck the Tailor - "Come out, come out! You old goat!"

Two rascals called Max and Moritz lived in a village. They loved playing tricks on the people who lived in the village. Here you can see all the things they got up to.

Master Buck also lived in the village. He was a tailor and made suits, long trousers, waistcoats and warm coats. If a button fell off or something needed darning Master Buck would sort it out. Everyone in the village liked him and, precisely for that reason, Max and Moritz wanted to play a trick on him. A stream flowed in front of the tailor's house and the path ran over a plank to cross it. The two rascals took a saw and cut right through the middle of this plank. When they were finished they called out "Come out, come out! You old goat! Buck the tailor, meh, meh, meh!"

That was too much for Master Buck, as he had already been mocked this way so often. He ran out of his house with a ruler in his hand and heard a loud "Meh, meh, meh!" once more. But when Master Buck trod on the plank it broke in two under his feet and the tailor fell into the stream. Fortunately a pair of geese came swimming by and Master Buck pluckily grabbed them by the legs. The geese fluttered onto land and rescued Master Buck from the stream. By now the tailor was wet from head to toe and awfully cold. He went back into his house and sat in front of his warm oven. And soon Master Buck was cheerful again.

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