Lower East Garden

The Lower East Garden is structured according to various themes. Coming from the North Garden, a spacious lawn opens up at the lowest point, which was the site of a large lake during the reign of Duke Friedrich II. High above the valley landscape, the majestic, artistic ruins of Emichsburg castle stand proud on a rocky outcrop. The castle was named after the knight Ritter Emich – the legendary ancestor of the duchy of Württemberg. Richly adorned with Mediaeval-style architectural ornamentation, it symbolises that era.

At the foot of the rocky outcrop lies the hugely diverse Lower East Garden. Winding paths meander through the Astilbe Garden and, from May, rhododendron flowers dominate the ruggedly romantic scenery.

The Valley of Birdsong follows a little stream where the enchanting calls of native songbirds can be heard.

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