Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood - Oh Grandma! What big ears you have!

A little girl was given a lovely red riding coat with a hood by her grandmother. Because she wore this every day, everyone in the village called her Little Red Riding Hood. One day her grandmother became ill. Little Red Riding Hood wanted to visit her and packed some wine and cakes for her sick grandma in a basket. To get to her grandmother's house she had to go into the deep dark forest. When she set off her mother warned her "Always remember to keep to the path".

Little Red Riding Hood met the Wolf in the forest, and she told him innocently where she was going. The Wolf asked the girl where her grandmother lived and said "Why don't you pick your grandmother some of the flowers that grow here in the forest?" in his wily way. Little Red Riding Hood nodded and left the path so she could pick a bunch of flowers. Meanwhile the Wolf ran to her grandmother's house, went in there and gobbled her up. Then he put her nightgown on, put her bonnet on her head and laid in her bed.

Soon Little Red Riding Hood appeared at her grandmother's house with the bunch of flowers, the wine and the cakes – and she was surprised that the door was open. But when the girl entered the house and went to her bed she was amazed. "Oh Grandma! What big ears you have!" she said. "All the better to hear you with", said the Wolf. "And what big eyes you have!" – "All the better to see you with", said the Wolf. "But Grandma, what a horribly big mouth you have!" – "All the better to gobble you up!" cried the Wolf, and he jumped out of the bed and swallowed up the child, too. Then he laid back in the bed and snored.

A hunter was passing by and he was surprised at the loud snoring coming from the grandmother's house. He had a closer look and discovered the wolf in the grandmother's bed. The hunter grabbed the wolf and slit his tummy open. There was a flash of red – and soon Little Red Riding Hood jumped out unharmed. Even the grandmother came out of the Wolf's tummy alive. The hunter filled the Wolf's tummy with so many stones that he fell over when he wanted to get up, and died.

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