Jubilee Exhibition

Jubilee Exhibition - Almost a crime thriller. The exciting story of the Fairy Tale Garden

The Fairy Tale Garden is world famous today and every year it attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from everywhere to Ludwigsburg. Yet hardly anyone knows how dramatically its impressive success story began. Because, by a whisker, the wonderful idea of the Fairy Tale Garden almost failed.

The entertaining "50 years of the Fairy Tale Garden" exhibition came into existence in 2009 – exactly 50 years after the opening of this first German Fairy Tale Garden. Valuable historic exhibits from its exciting history are presented in the exhibition hall. A visit is well worthwhile for little visitors too, as children can have plenty of fun at the play stations, that suit each age, and in the handicrafts corner!

Photographs, fairy-tale text plates, historic recordings shown on monitors and a jubilee film produced by SWR with original soundtracks vividly show how everything began. All the fairy-tale images and attractions that were shown since 1959 are displayed here. This includes the first nine landmarks that have been kept unchanged to this day.

Take a look behind the scenes, marvel at the complicated technology and be reawakened to some delightful childhood memories once more with some old visitor photos.

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