Aladdin and the Magic Lamp

1001 Nights – Aladdin and the Magic Lamp - A Sorcerer, a treasure chamber and a helpful genie

The 1001 Nights fairy tales belong to an Arabian collection that first appeared around 900 BC. The beautiful Scheherazade told the Caliph of Baghdad these fascinating stories over 1001 nights and won the heart of the ruler this way.

Aladdin was the son of a poor tailor. When his father died, Aladdin was visited by a Moorish sorcerer. He took Aladdin into the mountains and spoke all sorts of magic words until the earth opened up and a long set of stairs could be seen leading downwards. The sorcerer put a ring on Aladdin's finger to protect him from any harm and said "A treasure is hidden down there, get this for me". Aladdin climbed down into the depths and arrived at an enormous treasure chamber full of gold and silver. But he didn't touch anything until he found the shabby-looking oil lamp that he was to collect for the sorcerer. On the way back, he came through a garden with trees that carried fruits of pearls, diamonds, rubies, turquoises and other precious stones. Aladdin plucked off something from each colour and filled his pockets with them.

The sorcerer was waiting for him at the entrance to the cave. Yet Aladdin could not manage the last few steep steps because the precious stones were too heavy. "Give me the lamp first, then I'll help you", said the sorcerer. But Aladdin could not do this on his own. Finally the sorcerer lost patience and locked him in the dark cave. For two days Aladdin wandered round in circles, but could not find a way out. He was already totally exhausted when he remembered the ring that the sorcerer had given him. Aladdin turned the ring – and an enormous genie appeared out of the oil lamp, who showed him the way out of the cave. When Aladdin came home his mother wanted to give him something to eat, but there wasn't any bread left. Aladdin suggested selling the lamp. His mother wanted to clean it first and rubbed it with a rag. The genie appeared again and said "I am your slave and ready to do your bidding".

"Bring us something to eat", said Aladdin. Soon the table was decked with silver bowls filled to the brim with delicious food. From that day on, Aladdin and his mother did not need for anything, as the genie of the lamp fed them well and made them rich. To show how grateful he was, Aladdin then looked after the poor in the town.

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