The Wishing Table at Baroque in Bloom

All those experiences at Baroque in Bloom will make you hungry. But you won't have to rely on the Wishing Table in the Fairy-Tale Garden – refreshments are available everywhere on the premises! You are sure to find something to suit your tastes and your wallet, according to your appetite and your mood – from the festively elegant to the rustic. Treat yourself in unique surroundings with the very best that the kitchen and the cellar have to offer.


Restaurant Parkcafé

Restaurant Parkcafé

Restaurant Parkcafé can be found in the Upper East Garden of Baroque in Bloom.

Treat yourself to culinary delights at your leisure in the former playhouse of the dukes and the adjoining large conservatory.

Celebrate special occasions in a historical setting – it's easy at Baroque in Bloom. The yellow and blue salon will make all of your events a real highlight, whether birthdays, weddings or anniversaries. The Mediterranean conservatory offers a large selection of dishes and beverages, making for a relaxing sojourn in a southern setting. And because you'll want to keep exploring everything that Baroque in Bloom and the Fairy-Tale Garden have to offer, the tasty treats are available as self-service. Top quality, of course. The conservatory is also perfect for personal and unique events.

Contact: Restaurant Parkcafé - In den Anlagen 2 - 71640 Ludwigsburg - Phone 07141 / 92 38 67 -


Cafeteria am Rosengarten


The Cafeteria am Rosengarten can be found in the Lower East Garden, right by the area where the annual autumn pumpkin exhibition is held and in front of the gate to the Fairy-Tale Garden. In this summery setting with thousands of roses in all shapes and hues, you can relax on the southern terrace with views of Emichsburg castle and the old corps de logis of Ludwigsburg's residential palace. The covered panoramic terrace offers refuge from the summer heat and rain showers. Whatever the weather, visitors can enjoy al fresco coffee, cake, cold drinks and Swabian or international dishes.

Our speciality coffees and teas are fair trade and the electricity used in the cafeteria is 100% nuclear power-free.

The cafeteria is just a short walk from the residential palace, Schloss Favorite and the Fairy-Tale Garden: the Cafeteria am Rosengarten has a truly central location. Wherever you are coming from or going to at Baroque in Bloom, the Café am Rosengarten offers a romantic setting and is perfect for a contemplative break. And the large children's playground with a water play area is also just a stone's throw away.

Contact: Cafeteria am Rosengarten - Marbacher Straße 10 - 71642 Ludwigsburg - Phone 07141/ 70 22 08 4 -


Imbiss Kochtöpfle snack-bar

Imbiss Kochtöpfle im Märchengarten

Imbiss Kochtöpfle is located in the lower part of the Fairy-Tale Garden, right by the legendary Duke's Swing and the Fairy-Tale Express. The snack bar offers refreshing beverages, including alcohol-free drinks, take-away drinks, ice-creams, coffee, confectionery, as well as tasty fast food and snacks.

Sample a cold drink or freshly prepared grilled delights in our large beer garden while your children or family ride on the Fairy-Tale Express or have fun at the Duke's Swing or in the 1001 Nights tunnel.

Thanks to our great experience in catering, especially at Baroque in Bloom, we have tailored our offering to the tastes and wishes of our customers so that quick snacks and longer stops all become a real experience.

We also provide additional catering, such as our legendary tartes flambées, as well as classic fast food and beverages, at the major events at Baroque in Bloom: the International Street Music Festival at Whitsun, the grand musical firework display on the first Saturday in July and the romantic illuminations at the end of August.

Contact via the head office: Schützenhaus Tamm - Bietigheimer Straße 81 - 71732 Tamm - Phone 07141 / 79 66 30 -


Cocco-Bello Snack-Bar

Die Snack-Bar Cocco Bello

Cocco Bello has been a regular feature on Ludwigsburg's culinary scene for over 20 years. It is still highly popular with young and old alike.

Visitors to Baroque in Bloom can also sample the delights of Cocco Bello – whether from the snack bar, with its classic fast food dishes, or delicious tartes flambées, espresso, cappuccino or ice-creams and other sweet treats.

The additional catering stalls, where the creative team from Cocco Bello provide visitors with all kinds of delicacies to eat and drink at special events at Baroque in Bloom, have also become legendary and extremely popular. Cocco Bello offers additional catering at the Barocke Gartentage (Baroque Garden Days), the International Street Music Festival, the grand musical firework display and illuminations.

Cocco Bello has something to suit everyone's taste: steak freshly prepared by the boss, legendary salsiccia in a roll and delicious calamari or anchovies for fish lovers. Making sure the products are freshly prepared and top quality is an absolute priority. And because nothing is left to chance at Cocco Bello, the boss often works the grill himself: a true restaurateur, body and soul.

Handy hint: come and visit the Cocco Bello cocktail bar at the Street Music Festival and grand musical firework display.

Contact via the head office: Cocco Bello Cateringservice & Eventgastronomie - Solitudestraße 8 - 71638 Ludwigsburg -


Pumpkin treats

During the pumpkin exhibition, there will be an extra culinary offering with delicious dishes in the exhibition area of the Lower East Garden: pumpkin treats. Everything is made from pumpkins, such as pumpkin strudel and pumpkin pie, pumpkin quiche and pumpkin soup, pan-fried pumpkin and rice, spaghetti pumpkinese and other fabulous culinary delights.

There will also be a pumpkin bakery below Emichsburg castle, where visitors can sample tasty pumpkin specialities conjured up in the wood stove. Delicious tartes flambées, pumpkin pie and freshly baked pumpkin-seed bread are on offer.

Why not try the freshly made sweet, salty or spicy roasted pumpkin seeds? Delicious!


Strong brands for you in Blooming Baroque

Best products from renowned companies and high-quality manufacturers for you in the Blooming Baroque:
(We expressly point out that the products shown here are available in blooming Baroque - that the sale of course but the requirements of the Youth Protection Act are observed and the products shown here are used only as a product reference and we hereby in no way, for example, adolescents for alcohol consumption or want to stimulate increased consumption of sweets - after all, we also offer non-alcoholic products throughout the area, for example)


Mövenpick delicacies

Mövenpick - the name speaks for itself! Pure ice cream with the cool delicacies of Froneri Schöller. Froneri Schöller has been a partner in Blooming Baroque for decades - that speaks for itself!

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