Front Garden

The Front Garden was not laid out until 1759 under Duke Carl Eugen. The edging of the northern balustrade was enhanced with small orange and lemon trees mounted on 186 stone slabs with foundations. An orangery was created, which resembled an enchanted garden with its bewitching flowerbeds and little lakes. In terms of glamour and splendour, it was practically peerless. During the winter months, it was protected by a wooden roof and heated by a large number of stoves. The Front Garden was given its current design in 1798. Only the long rectangular flowerbeds were retained, with circular lawns created in place of the pools. Tall-stemmed roses with delicately coloured flowers make an impressive contrast to the two-dimensional decorative gravel and rectangular flowerbeds. The masses of spring and summer flowers and bulbous plants offer up a unique floral display.

At one time, the garden side in front of the new corps de logis featured an oval sunken courtyard adjacent to the Marble Hall. A Roman-style ambience was created with waterfalls, basins and alcoves with cascades in the enclosing walls. To make access to the garden as easy as possible, Duke Friedrich II had the "Sala terrena" arched over in 1814. Now, the terrace and a flight of steps link the piano nobile and the garden.

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