Fairytale Garden

Der Märchenerzähler

The Fairy-Tale Teller

Right at the entrance to the Fairy-Tale Garden by the Lower East Garden, the wise old Fairy-Tale Teller awaits you with an open book of fairy stories in his hand, inviting you to step into the enchanting world of fairy tales. Get ready for great fun and games and daredevil adventures with the fairy-tale heroes.

Der Riese von Ludwigsburg

The Giant of Ludwigsburg

Just inside the Fairy-Tale Garden gate, you will be welcomed by the Giant of Ludwigsburg, who can be recognised by his magnificent uniform. He once lived in the court of Ludwigsburg and protected the nobility. Now he will accompany you safely through the Fairy-Tale Garden.

Auf dem Thron des Seerosenkönigs

The Water Lily King

Have you ever dreamt of ruling over a kingdom? Climb onto the majestic throne of the Water Lily King and become ruler of the land and its people for a moment. Let the magic of the water and the flowers whisk you off into another world.

Mit dem Boot auf dem Märchenbach unterwegs...

Fairy-tale stream

By the enchanting water-mill, you can take a leisurely yet action-packed boat ride on the fairy-tale stream. Come and experience the stories of "Clever Else", "The Brave Little Tailor" and "Pinocchio", which can only be visited by boat.

Im Haus der klugen Else

Fairy-tale stream: Clever Else

The journey first takes you right through the house of Clever Else's parents where you can witness the girl's greatest fear. But the axe above the barrel is not nearly as dangerous as it appears.

Das tapfere Schneiderlein

Fairy-tale stream: The Brave Little Tailor

Next the boat will take you past the tailor's workshop where the Brave Little Tailor is hard at work. The daredevil hero allegedly killed seven single-handedly with one blow. What do you think?


Fairy-tale stream: Pinocchio

The highlight is the journey into the stomach of the Dogfish, where you can join in the adventures of the long-nosed wooden puppet. You are trapped inside the Dogfish's stomach with Pinocchio, Geppetto and the tuna fish, but Pinocchio will help you find your way out again.

Der Zauberspiegel von Schneewittchen

Snow White

You can't follow Snow White to the seven dwarves, but you can ask the enchanted mirror about her. Ask the most famous of all fairy-tale questions and see if you get an answer.

Hier haben nur kleine Leute Glück

Luck for the little ones...

Try your luck at the tree gateway "Hier haben nur kleine Leute Glück" (only little ones will be lucky here) – but watch out! You will only pass through the gateway unscathed if you are small.

Eine echt schwäbische HExe

Hansel and Gretel

Are you feeling hungry too? The delicious gingerbread house will tempt you with its sweet delights, but as soon as you press down the latch of the garden gate, you'll be in for a nasty surprise...

Max und Moritz - Witwe Bolte

Max and Moritz - Widow Bolte

Widow Bolte is roasting a couple of chickens in a pan and doesn't notice Max and Moritz fishing for them through the chimney. The widow blames her dog for stealing the roast chickens and beats it.

Max und Moritz - Schneider Böck

Max and Moritz - Tailor Böck

Max and Moritz saw through a bridge over the stream and tease the tailor by shouting insults at him. When Tailor Böck crosses the bridge to punish them, it falls in under his weight. He can warm himself by the fire in the tailor's shop.

Max und Moritz - Onkel Fritz

Max and Moritz - Uncle Fritz

Max and Moritz secretly smuggle beetles into Uncle Fritz's bed – when he lies there, the beetles crawl about, tickling and annoying him.

Max und Moritz - Lehrer Lämpel

Max and Moritz - Teacher Lämpel

While the village schoolteacher is away, Max and Moritz fill his long-stemmed meerschaum pipe with gunpowder. When Teacher Lämpel arrives home, he lights his pipe as usual...

Max und Moritz - Bauer Mecke

Max and Moritz - Farmer Mecke

Farmer Mecke catches Max and Moritz cutting holes in sacks of grain and takes them to the mill where the two troublemakers meet a nasty end.

Max und Moritz - Meister Bäcker

Max and Moritz - Master Bäcker

Max and Moritz climb down the chimney of the bakery to steal pretzels, but are caught and "baked" by the Master Baker.

Brüderchen und Schwesterchen

The Brother and Sister

Flee with the Brother and Sister through the forest, but take care and stay well back if you reach a stream. Otherwise you might have to spend the rest of your life as an animal.

Die schöne Müllerstochter

The beautiful miller's daughter

The proud miller was definitely exaggerating when he said his daughter could spin straw into gold. Can anyone help his beautiful daughter?

Das Streichelgehege

Petting zoo

Visit the petting zoo and see how tame the pygmy goats are at first hand. Things will really get lively if there are any baby goats around. Come and be brave! Opposite the petting zoo, you can see the Goose Maiden with her charges.

Der Wasserspielplatz

Water play area

With its fountains and streams, the water play area is an ideal place to play. It is particularly refreshing on hot days. Why not give it a try? Children of all ages are welcome.

Die Märchenbahn

Fairy-Tale Express

Just a few steps from the Activity House, you can hop on board the Fairy-Tale Express for an exciting ride and enjoy plenty of fun along the way. Sometimes it is even pulled by a real steam engine. All aboard!

Scherenschnittfilme im Aktionshaus

Activity House

Come and experience fairy tales in a different way at the Activity House, with amusing silhouette films. You are sure to be just as impressed by the traditional puppet theatre and other shows too...

Herzogliches Fahrvergnügen

Duke's Swing

Enjoy a lively swing in the half-timbered house of the Duke's Swing. The enchanted house will turn the world upside down. Be brave and take on the challenge. The Duke himself would have enjoyed the show.

1001 Nacht - Ali Baba und die 40 Räuber

1001 Nights - Ali Baba

Ali Baba earns his living as a woodcutter. With the help of the clever slave girl Morgiana, he overcomes a gang of forty thieves and takes their treasure. In his gratitude, he sets Morgiana free and gives her leave to marry his nephew.

1001 Nacht - Aladin und die Wunderlampe

1001 Nights - Aladdin and the magic Lamp

Aladdin is asked by a sorcerer to find an oil lamp in a magical cave. When the sorcerer tries to double-cross him, Aladdin keeps the lamp for himself. He discovers that a genie lives inside the lamp who has to grant the owner of the lamp his every wish.

1001 Nacht - Sindbad

1001 Nights - Sindbad the Sailor

In Baghdad in the Far East live two men: Sinbad the Porter and Sinbad the Sailor. One day, poor Sinbad the Porter comes to see the wealthy merchant Sinbad the Sailor. He offers him food and drink and tells him the tales of his seven voyages.

1001 Nacht - Sindbad

The Hen that Laid the Golden Eggs

Little Hannes lives near Ludwigsburg. He doesn't have much, but what he has he shares. A friendly neighbour gives him the gift of a hen. Hannes is pleased and makes it a nest with his favourite toys. When he goes to get his first egg for breakfast the next morning, he finds a golden egg in the nest instead...


The Star-Money

Be happy for the little orphan girl who gives away her last piece of bread and her last shirt to the needy and is richly rewarded with star-money. You won't have to worry about her any more.


Little Red Riding Hood

Join little Red Riding Hood on her way to visit her sick grandmother with wine, cake and flowers. But take good care and ask yourself why her grandmother has such big eyes, ears, hands and a mouth. But don't worry: no-one is going to be eaten here.

Frau Holle

Mother Hulda

Mother Hulda's realm will open up for you through the old well, as it once did for the industrious sister and the lazy sister, and you can experience the fairy tale in all its colours. Let the magic of the pictures draw you in and perhaps you too can enter the world of Mother Hulda.

Der Wolf und die sieben Geißlein

The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids

Knock at the door of the Wolf and the Seven Young Kids' cottage and call out loudly "Open the door, my dear children". The little kids will run and hide because they think you are the big bad wolf. And if you rattle the door, they will hide too.

Schneeweißchen & Rosenrot

Snow-White and Rose-Red

Don't be scared when Snow-White and Rose-Red meet a wicked dwarf. They try to help him and, as a result, the giant bear turns back into a handsome prince.

Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten

The Musicians of Bremen

The gang of robbers forging sinister plans look rather scary, but luckily the four brave musicians are already waiting by the window to scare them off. Watch over the shoulders of the Musicians of Bremen as they join in the death-defying fight.

Das Rumpelstilzchen


Rumpelstiltskin dances around the fire singing: "Today do I bake, tomorrow I brew, the day after that the queen's child comes in; And oh! I am glad that nobody knew that the name I am called is Rumpelstiltskin!" But he crows too soon: a soldier overhears him and learns his name.

Der sprechende Papagei

Talking parrot

Can you see the parrot in the middle of the park? Say or sing something to it when its eyes glow and it will repeat it back to you, word for word. But watch out: the parrot can only sing as well as the person singing to it!

Ali Baba und die 40 Räuber

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

The precious treasure of gold, silver and jewels is just waiting to be found. But you will only catch a glimpse of the legendary thieves' cave if you know the right code words. So have a good think!



The dovecote and aviary below Emichsburg castle is home to an interesting display, with plenty of flapping and cooing: watch real doves at work, helping Cinderella to pick out the lentils.

Die roten Schuhe

The Red Shoes

Come to the glass pavilion and witness a very special show. The red shoes are dancing endlessly to music. Would you be brave enough to put them on?



A woman longs for a child and asks an old witch to help her. The witch gives her a magic barleycorn to plant in a flower pot. It grows into a flower, and inside the flower is a little girl who is no bigger than a thumb and who is therefore called Thumbelina.

Aus der Geschichte des Märchengartens

Anniversary Exhibition

At the Anniversary Exhibition of the Fairy-Tale Garden, you can find out all kinds of interesting facts about the creation and evolution of the Fairy-Tale Garden in Ludwigsburg. But don't worry – the exhibition definitely won’t be boring. There is plenty to do and discover.

Der Riese Goliath

Goliath the Giant

Are you brave enough to knock at the mighty castle of Goliath the Giant? Pluck up all your courage and challenge the giant. It will be worth it for he has magnificent treasures hidden in his castle – which no-one has ever seen.

Töpfchen koche

The Magic Piridge Pot

No-one need go hungry in the Fairy-Tale Garden. Just call out "Cook, little pot" and the plain little magic pot will start cooking. Unlike in the fairy tale, however, there is no danger that the Fairy-Tale Garden or Ludwigsburg will be submerged in porridge.

Der Froschkönig

The Frog Prince

Will you manage to find your way to the centre of the big maze? The Frog Prince will reward you with his beautiful water display. But beware – if you get too close, he'll be ready to surprise you!

Der Goldesel

The Gold Dinkey

The golden donkey is one of the oldest and most popular animals in the Fairy-Tale Garden. Feed him properly and he will give you a golden coin filled with delicious chocolate.

Tritt ans Wasser und der Knüppel erkennt dich...

Cudgel in the Sack

Do you know anyone who deserves a good beating? Or have you been naughty? You'd better watch out for the cudgel in the sack because it knows no mercy.

Bitte Papier...

Paper Dragon

Can you hear a deep voice saying "Bitte Papier" (paper please)? It is the legendary paper dragon who is ravenous and works like a giant vacuum cleaner to keep the park clean and tidy. But take care when feeding him because he only likes paper.

Tischlein deck dich

The Wishing Table

Can you see the empty table? Just say "Little table, spread thyself!" and it will be covered with delicious food and the finest drinks as if by magic. Who wouldn't want a table like that?

Rapunzel wohnt in der Burg...


Do you want to visit Rapunzel in her tower? Then call out loudly: "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair" and perhaps she will let down her long golden plait for you. But only real princes are allowed to enter the castle chamber.


Sleeping Beauty

Can you see Sleeping Beauty lying still and peacefully in her bed? The wicked fairy has put her into such a deep sleep that no knocking or calling will wake her. Only a prince will succeed in making his way to the tower and waking Sleeping Beauty with a kiss when 100 years have passed.

Die zertanzten Schuhe

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Who has ruined all the beautiful shoes? Why are they so worn? In the half-light of the castle walls, you can find out the secret. But you will only find out the whole truth if you go right down into the depths.



Dare to plunge the depths of the castle and seek out Rübezahl, the powerful mountain spirit. Call him loudly and listen to the eerie reply: "You called me, here I am, you want gold and jewels, but you will not get them, hahahahahahaha!"

Musical toadstools in the Fairy-Tale Garden

Kinder am Musikpilz

Since the Fairy-Tale Garden opened in 1959, the circular route has been dotted with fairy-tale toadstools, some of which are musical. If you listen closely, you can hear musical-box melodies. The children back then loved the toadstools – perhaps you will spot one too

The children back then loved the toadstools – perhaps you will spot one too. Silhouette art by Elisabeth Emmler

Scherenschnitt von Elisabeth Emmler

When you visit the Fairy-Tale Garden, you will see large silhouettes by Elisabeth Emmler, "world champion silhouette artist", everywhere. The originals are only a few centimetres tall – but for the Ludwigsburg Fairy-Tale Garden, two-metre-high versions were produced, making for an impressive display of the fine art of silhouette cutting. Silhouette cutting was and remains a unique art form. The most remarkable fact, especially where fairy-tale scenes such as The Princess and the Pea are concerned, is that the silhouettes are cut from one piece of paper and not several pieces glued together. Come with us on a journey through the Fairy-Tale Garden, in keeping with Elisabeth Emmler's philosophy: "If you have fairy tales, then the world is full of wonder."

Feed the Paper Dragon

Kinder füttern den Papierdrachen

The Fairy-Tale Garden at Ludwigsburg's Baroque in Bloom is home to a colourful paper dragon who is always hungry for paper. He calls out "Bitte Papier" (paper please) the whole day long. He is a real glutton because he always wants more paper, even if he has already been fed by a lot of children. Feed him a decent portion of paper and he will thank you politely.

If you have some paper or old newspapers at home, bring them along to the Fairy-Tale Garden and feed them to the dragon.

But he only likes paper and not anything else – otherwise he will get a bad stomach. And just like you, he likes his portions bite-sized – so please only give him a little at a time and not a whole page of newspaper at once. You don't eat a whole steak in one mouthful either!

An acoustic taste of the fairytale garden ...

An acoustic taste of the fairytale garden – Blooming Baroque

Get a foretaste of visiting the fairytale garden - just click on the small pictures below and you will hear a part of the fairytale scene.

Musical toadstools

Snow White

The beautiful miller's daughter

Paper please ... Thank You

You called me - here I am ....

Gliath the Giant

Hansel & Gretel

The Brave Little Tailor

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