Facts & figures

Size of premises: 30 hectares = 300,000 m²
Blühendes Barock founded: 1954
Fairy-Tale Garden founded: 1959
No. of fairy-tale scenes: 50
Planting area for annuals: Over 4.500 m²
Annuals – no. of plants in spring and summer: 150,000
No. of rose plants: Approx. 12,000
No. of rhododendrons & azaleas: Approx. 2,000
No. of pot plants: Approx. 1,500
Day visitors expected per season: 580,000–600,000
Season tickets sold per season: Approx. 43,000
Length of circular route: Approx. 3 km
Types of themed gardens: Japanese Garden
Bonsai Garden
Nature Garden
Medicinal Herb and Herb Garden
Rose Garden
Cottage Garden
Astilbe Garden Shrubbery
Sardinian Garden
Rhododendron Garden
Catering: Restaurant Parkcafé: 450 seats
Cafeteria: 280 seats
Imbiss Kochtöpfle: 100 seats
Cocco Bello Snack Bar: 10 seats