The Luminous Dream Paths:
26.10. bis 01.12.2024

When darkness falls over the Bloomin baroque, the park normally becomes quiet. From 28.10.2023 until the end of the season on 03.12.2023, the permanent horticultural show will instead be transformed into a glowing dream path with atmospheric illuminations that will captivate visitors.

On the approximately 1.5-kilometre-long tour, you will be surprised by a wide variety of effects and stagings. Sound collages, fog worlds and laser effects provide surprising moments and new experiences in the castle park. Experience the fantastic evening atmosphere and let yourself be inspired by the stagings.

See, hear and be amazed: Fascinating evening moods and visual surprises transform the Bloomin baroque into an emotional synthesis of the arts during the "Luminous Dream Paths" - you have never experienced the gardens like this before!

Starting at the vantage point on the north side of the palace, with a view of Favorite Palace, an approx. 1.5km long path is staged in a completely new way. The barrier-free one-way path goes via the Baroque Broderie in the North Garden, through the pumpkin exhibition, which is of course included in the concept and which can also be experienced in illuminated form, on to the Lower East Garden, through the bird aviary into the Upper East Garden, past the Historical Aqueduct of the Park Café to the Historical Vineyard and the Schlüsselesee and along the plane tree avenue back to the entrance at the Rear Palace Courtyard.

Change of perspective - A difference like day and night

Plunged into darkness, the grounds appear mysterious. The sophisticated staging of light, sound collages and other effects such as rising mist or shimmering soap bubbles makes visitors feel as if they are walking through a magical dream world for a while. The partly illuminated pumpkins in the pumpkin exhibition are reminiscent of fantastic creatures, hardly recognisable in daylight.

Visitors have never seen the park like this before!

The Luminous Dream Paths are a family-friendly concept. The content emphasises an emotional experience without overloaded or intellectual staging, but also without lapidary showmanship and arbitrariness.

The basic idea is to make it possible to experience existing landscape elements and landscape architecture in a new way, alienated and sometimes with a little wink. In this way, amazement, smiling or reflection are generated and certainly also pleasure.

The Glowing Dream Paths will bring a unique evening atmosphere to the gardens with worlds of mist, water installations, illuminations of various kinds, acoustic collages and laser effects.

The Luminous Dream Paths open up new "views" for the eyes and unusual perspectives.

Visitors are invited to take a leisurely experience walk. See the park in a different way, take pictures of yourself and your loved ones in the unusual surroundings.

The Luminous Dream Paths will take place from 28.10.2023 to 03.12.2023, daily from dusk until 9.30 pm. Admission to the Blühende Barock is possible at the main ticket office, the ticket office in the Hinterer Schlosshof and the ticket office in Mömpelgardstraße until 8.30 pm.

The Fairytale Garden is closed from nightfall.

The BlüBa caterers from the "Imbiss Cocco Bello", the "Cafeteria am Rosengarten" and the "Restaurant Parkcafé" will, of course, also offer extended gastronomic services during the Dream Paths.

Enjoy a glass of sparkling wine, a snack or another delicacy and let yourself be surprised by what awaits you at the next corner on the circular route through the nocturnal exhibition.

Impressions of the Luminous Dream Paths 2020

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