Uniform reusable cups for KaffeeToGo at all caterers in Blooming baroque

Der Mehrwegbecher der BlüBa-Gastronomen

Reusable cups for KaffeeToGo - now also available at all catering establishments in Blooming baroque!

More and more people drink their coffee on the go. They mainly use disposable cups for this. This trend has negative consequences for the environment.

In Germany, 320,000 disposable coffee cups are currently used per hour, 7,600,000 per day, 2,800,000,000 per year and the corresponding waste is produced.

At Blooming baroque, too, more and more guests wanted to drink their coffee "To Go" instead of "To Stay", even though a visit to Blooming baroque supposed to include a short break.

It was particularly annoying for the caterers of Blooming baroque when visitors insisted on drinking their coffee "to go" and then drank it on the terrace of the park café or the cafeteria, where it would have been possible to enjoy the coffee from a porcelain cup without any problems. And there were quite a few visitors who used the ToGo cups in the catering establishments, although environmentally friendly alternatives were and are available on site.

This was reason enough for the restaurateurs to get together and look for alternatives. Together with the BlüBa, they have now launched their own deposit returnable cup for KaffeToGo, which is also taken back by all restaurateurs in Blooming baroque. The cup costs € 2.00 deposit - a matching lid can be purchased if required, although often the lids are not needed at all. For hygienic reasons, these lids - as with other deposit systems - are only offered for purchase. Of course, this also encourages customers to consider whether they really need a lid. The lids also fit other conventional cups, so the purchase is not unnecessary.

Blooming baroque offers the first truly sustainable reusable cup!

It is a high-quality and durable BPA-free plastic cup that saves raw materials and resources in a closed recycling system and thus promotes sustainability. The beshcers are 100% Made in Berlin and have "survived" up to over 800 uses and rinses without any problems in initial tests.

The cups are made of BPA-free polypropylene (abbreviation PP). BPA (short for bisphenol A) is a plasticiser in plastics and resins. It is contained in many everyday items such as drinking bottles, food containers or plastic tableware and can dissolve from the BPA-containing products when they come into contact with food. For each product there is a declaration of conformity according to the EU 10/2011 regulation. PP does not contain melamine resin or other harmful substances that can leach from hot or cold drinks.

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(We would like to point out that the products shown here are available in the Blooming baroque - but that they are of course sold in accordance with the provisions of the law for the protection of minors and that the products shown here only serve as product information and that we in no way wish to encourage young people to drink alcohol or to consume more sweets - after all, we also have non-alcoholic products on offer throughout the grounds).


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